Mark Group - Products of Interest?

Please feel free to post any information, questions or comments you have on new or existing technologies and energy efficiency products in this forum.
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Mark Group - Products of Interest?

Post by John » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:06 pm

Energy Efficiency Technologies for Public and Private Sector:

Solar PV (CAPEX)
Once fitted, earn attractive Government FiT tariff payments for all energy generated plus receive payment for spare unused capacity. This is in addition of course to generating your own free electricity saving you further grid rate costs against the volume produced. ... ties/solar

Solar PV (FULLY FUNDED - Commercial Premises)
If you have no capital to invest but wish to reduce overheads and generate a proportion of on-site power aiding business continuity plans consider our funded model. A system will be designed, installed and fully maintained for you free of charge and you simply purchase the electricity generated at a guaranteed cheaper rate that will track below grid supply costs. This is delivered via a lease-roof model.

Energy Efficient Smart Lighting (Commercial Premises)
Typical ROI within 2 years, our unique products can save 50% in consumption immediately through design alone. Then intelligent sensor controls can be adapted to adjust brightness based on bespoke lux levels by room, motion or even timings. This can boost savings in energy consumption for lighting to 80%. ... s/lighting

Insulation (Domestic Property Funding Available via ARBED, ECO, HEEPS, GREEN DEAL, ECO ADVANCE and more)
On average, up to 35% of a property’s heat loss can be through the walls with a further 25% through the roof. Help stabilise the temperature environment in your hospitals by ensuring your walls and loft space are correctly insulated with the latest environmentally friendly and long life products.

In addition to improving the comfort of your site, this will also help increase the life of central heating systems by levelling out demand with slower changes to the environment helping to ensure it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. ... insulation ... insulation

For information on our full range or to discuss a best fit solution, please send an email with your enquiry to

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