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ALEO Showcase

Post by AngelaE » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:38 am

There is a huge amount of work undertaken by Local authorities in delivering Government funded schemes. The aim of this survey is to understand and collate information in order to showcase this at the next ALEO Conference and share with BEIS and other partner organisations. It would be great if you have any photographs or client feedback to provide evidence but this is not mandatory.

Another key reason for asking for your support in responding to this survey is to help shape future policy development by supporting BEIS to understand how their policy is delivered locally and the challenges/opportunities that this might provide for Local Authorities.

We do not require reams of writing - it would be best if you could be as short and succinct as possible. There are three main questions:
1. What did you achieve
2. What challenges you faced and how you overcame them
3. What support from BEIS/ALEO/other organisations would have helped during the project

Please note that by submitting this form you are giving permission to include the information in future Conferences and newsletters - it would be great if you were able to present it in person if selected, but this is not obligatory.

The National Executive would like to thank you in advance for your support in this task and hope you will be able to oblige - there is so much good work that goes unnoticed that it would be great to have some positive stories. If you have been hindered in your work that is good to know as well so we can feed back to the relevant organisations.

We know that some of the schemes mentioned will be in the very early stages but hope to use this method of collation going forward to build a bank of good work and learning experiences to share with BEIS and all ALEO members.

If you have any questions in relation to this request or wish to submit any photographs please contact:

To complete the survey, please follow this link: ... ACC8C29085

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