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Ofgem consultation: Standards of conduct for suppliers in the retail energy market

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:21 am
by ALEO Admin
Ofgem has opened a consultation setting out its final proposals to amend the domestic and non-domestic Standards of Conduct (the Standards), to strengthen its ability to protect consumer interests by removing unnecessary prescriptive rules from the supply licences and rely more on the Standards, and other principles.

The consultation document says that Ofgem intends to:
"...amend the Fairness Test and compliance threshold within the Standards so these principles have a much sharper focus on the impact a supplier’s actions have on a consumer. For the domestic Standards only, we are also proposing to add broad principles that require suppliers to enable consumers to make informed choices and to have special regard for consumers in vulnerable situations.

This consultation also confirms our intention to amend our information-gathering powers in the supply licences. These changes will ensure we can continue to monitor the market effectively as we transition to a more principles-based regulatory framework."

The deadline for responses is 24 July 2017.

For more information, visit: ... rgy-market