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Defra Climate Change Adaptation Consultation: proposals for the third round of adaptation reporting

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:48 am
by ALEO Admin
Defra has published a consultation on its strategy for the third round of climate change adaptation reporting, as required by the Climate Change Act 2008.

The consultation proposes to build on the voluntary reporting approach, established in the second round of reporting, with various organisations from the following sectors identified as eligible to report:
- The transport sector
- The energy sector
- A range of public bodies
- The Digital Communications sector
- The Water Sector
- Financial Regulators
- The Historic Environment sector

Local authorities are included under organisations which are already considering key climate risks, which also includes national park authorities and fire and rescue authorities.

Section 75 of the consultation document states that: "In view of the fact that local councils already have a range of duties and reporting obligations highlighting the important role they play in addressing a range of climate risks we do not see a strong case for additional reporting on adaptation in the next cycle. Hence, we do not propose to include local councils within this strategy, but will consider other means where we can work with councils on their current responsibilities to address ongoing challenges to address climate risks as part of the National Adaptation Programme."

For more information, and to respond to the consultation, visit: ... reporting/

The deadline for responses is 26 March 2018.