Health of the Nation fuel poverty report

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Health of the Nation fuel poverty report

Post by ALEO Admin » Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:15 pm

SE2 Ltd and Lewisham Council have published a report funded by Eaga Charitable Trust titled Health of the Nation: an analysis of cost effectiveness and success factors in referral routes into health-related fuel poverty schemes.

The research project examines the objectives behind health-related fuel poverty schemes, how they are targeted, the services they offer, their costs and how success is monitored. The report provides a rich seam of evidence for anyone scoping, developing or managing a local fuel poverty scheme.

There are three outputs from the work:
  • Final report – this sets out the methodology, findings and conclusions from our research and provides the context for the other, more practical pieces of work we’ve developed
  • Policy makers guidance – given there are many implications for policy makers across the spectrum, from health to carbon, we put together a briefer report aimed at drawing out the key areas and issues for them to focus on
  • Guidance for fuel poverty scheme managers – this is a more hands-on piece of work which is designed to guide practitioners through the process of designing and delivering schemes. It is intended to be used by people who have already set up and run schemes, as well as for people who have never previously run such a scheme
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