Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill

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Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill

Post by ALEO Admin » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:59 pm

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has written an open letter to the Chief Executives of the 'Big 6' energy companies to inform them that the Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill will be introduced in the House of Commons on Monday 26 February 2018.

The letter states that it is the Government's intention is "to introduce a temporary cap to protect consumers, while the objective of a more competitive market is achieved".

The government intends Ofgem to be able to set the temporary price cap by the end of 2018 so that it is in place for next winter.

For more information, visit: ... b_2018.pdf ... f-cap-bill

NEA has published its comments on the new Bill. See: ... y-tariffs/

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