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A Guide for Local Authorites: Contracting for PAS 2035 compliant retrofit

Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2021 7:11 am
by AngelaE
[Published 19 August, 2021] The Retrofit Academy CIC is delighted to be working with the Local Energy North West Hub on producing a new guide for local authorities, centred on best practice for contracting PAS 2035 compliant retrofit.

The report is an important piece of work which looks to assist local authorities in working out the best way to deliver retrofit works that complies with PAS 2035. Through collaboration with the Local Energy North West Hub, we have developed four models to outline where all PAS 2035 roles sit in a retrofit programme and provide our suggestions for contracting options. At the heart of this work is the protection of the client, and most importantly, the resident.

To access more information please visit the website: ... thorities/