DECC Statistical Releases 26 June 2015

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DECC Statistical Releases 26 June 2015

Post by ALEO Admin » Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:43 am

DECC published a number of statistical releases and special feature articles on 26 June 2015. These include the following documents:

Fuel Poverty levels in England, 2013, special feature articles ... e-articles

Renewable Energy in 2014, special feature articles ... e-articles

Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom, special feature articles ... on-of-data

Energy Trends: June 2015, special feature articles ... e-articles

UK local authority and regional carbon dioxide emissions national statistics: 2005-2013 ... -2005-2013

Local authority carbon dioxide emissions: 2013 estimates ... -estimates

National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED) table creator - Tool comparing energy consumption by different property and household characteristics. ... le-creator

National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED) report: Summary of analysis using the National Energy Efficiency Data Framework. ... lysis-2015

Road transport energy consumption at regional and local authority level ... rity-level

Annual domestic energy bills
DECC publishes annual estimates of gas and electricity bills, along with statistics on household expenditure on fuel. ... statistics

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