DECC Priorities 2015

News stories related to Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Fuel Poverty. We'd very much like to here you're views on any of the stories we post here. (Please note that only Admin members can post new topics in this forum)
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DECC Priorities 2015

Post by ALEO Admin » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:34 pm

On 21 July, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, answered questions in Parliament as part of an inquiry into DECC's priorities for 2015 and beyond.

With regard to energy efficiency, the Secretary of State said:
I'm particularly ambitious in this area and I want to put together a long-term framework for homes and fuel poverty. I'm looking at the various initiatives that have been in place under the last Government to find out which ones are working best and which ones have not worked well, so that we can work with industry to design a system that will deliver most cost effectively.

I'm hoping to come forward with some new announcements in this area in the autumn.
Amber Rudd also discussed the government's recently announced plans to scrap the Zero Carbon Homes standard, saying that the decision has actually just been to "postpone" the policy, rather than scrap it altogether.

She said:
"We must face up to the fact that we do have a housing crisis. Getting improvements to the existing housing stock seems like the really big prize to try to work with DCLG on. So, although we're not having new zero-carbon homes for now, we are working together on seeing what we can do for the existing housing stock."
Amber Rudd also commented on other energy and climate change related issues including onshore wind subsidies, the Paris COP21 climate takes in December, energy storage, carbon capture and fracking.

To read more and to listen to audio clips, visit: ... newsletter

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