ALEO London Response to the Mayor of London's Draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan

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ALEO London Response to the Mayor of London's Draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan

Post by RachaelMills » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:28 pm

ALEO London has responded to the Mayor of London's draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan. Our key points are as follows:

1. ALEO London welcomes the Mayor’s focus on fuel poverty and the plans to spend £10m over 4 years. Clearly there is more detail to come on how this money is to be spent and ALEO London is keen to work with the GLA to try and make the most of this opportunity.

2. Any new resources should be delivered in ways that encourage more action in areas of London where there is less capacity.

3. There is no reference to planning, particularly in relation to solid wall insulation. There is more the GLA could do on this.

4. ALEO London supports the aim that more of the Energy Company Obligation is spent in London and we are keen to work with the Mayor and the GLA to make this happen.

5. There should be an assessment of how the current arrangements for ECO Flexible Eligibility are working before changes are sought, particularly if this reduces flexibility.

6. Proposals to develop guidance on PRS enforcement and carbon offset funds are welcomed. ALEO London hopes that development of this guidance will involve boroughs, and that good practice recognises the different circumstances boroughs are operating in. One-size-fits-all solutions are unlikely to work across London.

7.ALEO London and London boroughs are keen to work collaboratively with the Mayor and the GLA in putting the Action Plan into practice. ALEO London volunteers to be represented on the planned Fuel Poverty Partnership.

You can read our full response at ... 531185150
Response to the Mayor of London’s Draft Fuel Poverty Action Plan - ALEO London, November 2017.pdf
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