Request for retrofit site visit suggestions in London

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Request for retrofit site visit suggestions in London

Post by ALEO Admin » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:00 pm

Rob Ballington had a call this week from Julia Rockcliffe at the EST asking if he knew about any retrofit schemes that would be suitable for a visit by a government delegation from Korea – and so he was wondering if any of the London members of the National CAN Forum could help.

Julia writes:

This is a delegation from the Korean Green Remodelling Centre and Korean Government who are visiting the UK on a four day visit looking at retrofit projects. The delegation are visiting London on the afternoon of 26 August and have asked to visit one or two completed retrofit projects.

Would any of you know of:
  • Sites they could visit in London please, domestic or non-domestic?
  • Any social housing sites they could visit and talk to the site manager?
  • Collaboration project between LA and private sector pulling in GD and or ECO funding etc.
If GD or ECO funded would be ideal as they are trying to promote the quasi Green Deal type scheme they have in place but which is not getting much traction.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact either Julia Rockcliffe ( - 0207 654 2415) or Helen Northmore ( - 029 2046 8342) directly

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