ALEO East regional update for ALEO Executive meeting - 14 April 2016

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ALEO East regional update for ALEO Executive meeting - 14 April 2016

Post by ALEO Admin » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:27 am

- provided by Paul Hinsley, Chair of ALEO East, for the ALEO Executive meeting held in London on 14 April 2016.

Details of any meetings held and/or forthcoming:

HECA East (ALEO East) held its AGM on 13th April 2016, in partnership with NEA. Our next meeting which will be held in Summer 2016, again in conjunction with NEA.
Key points arising were:
  • No member volunteered for the post of Chair or Vice Chair; therefore Paul Hinsley (current Chair) stated that he would fill the position until the next meeting.
  • Those attending members with voting rights agreed 12 – 2 to adopt the ALEO East ‘branding’, although there was concern of focussing on ‘energy officers’. Members were informed that the agenda and scope is set through interaction and input by themselves, ensuring the focus remains bespoke to their needs regardless of the name of the group.
  • Meetings will be held at differing geographical locations within the Eastern area in order to maximise attendance.
Project updates and regional update:

Fenland District Council– is targeting Solid wall insulation to 1000 properties 800 from the rental sector.

Epping Forest District Council – using RHI funding to upgrade housing stock.

Brentwood Borough Council – although they have no budget or allocated time they are undertaking mail drops with Aran services offering energy improvements. Participating in the Essex County Council (ECC) Big Community Energy Switch.

Broadland District Council – working with Norwich Council to install heating and insulation improvements to 440 homes.

Norwich Council – producing an affordable warmth strategy and installing heating upgrades.

Braintree and Uttlesford District Councils – installed solar PV on council properties (2 leisure centres , Councils main building and 2 other Community buildings). Taken a proactive approach to promoting ECC Big Community Energy Switch and as a result have received £7000 referral fee. Working with Aran services to install energy improvements and setting up a handyman service. Continuing to work with CAB providing energy advice to households funded by the British Gas Warm Home fund. CAB are targeting those in fuel poverty providing enegy switch advice and insulation measures. Uttlesford are installing 1600 PV Solar panel installations on 1600 council homes.

Maldon District Council – Part of ECC Big Community Energy Switch. Mail out in partnership with Aran Services has just finished.

East Cambridgeshire District Council – developing Action on Energy partnership with Green Deal Funding.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council – Boiler replacement, target of 100 funded by NEA Health Improvement Fund

Aran Services – has funding available for various heating installations

Scottish Power – has some ECO funding available for low cost solutions such as cavity wall and loft insulation which ends in Mach 2017. Warm Home Discount linked projects nationally providing remote access heating controls.

Essex County Council – Managed an Energy Switching Scheme with iChoosr for residents of Essex, with support of all Districts and Boroughs. The total average saving for all participating residents was approx. £929’000.

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