Consultation on Digital Economy Act, part 5

Previous consultation which have now closed
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Consultation on Digital Economy Act, part 5

Post by ALEO Admin » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:53 pm

On 21 September, the Government published a consultation on the Digital Economy Act (DEA), part 5, covering data sharing codes and regulations.

The regulations establish objectives under the public service delivery (PSD) power, including that of alleviating fuel poverty, and enable specified public authorities to share data between themselves for the purposes of alleviating fuel poverty.

The PSD codes of practice provides statutory guidance on the use of the powers in the DEA. Anyone sharing information under the Digital Economy Act 2017 is required to have regard to this Code when doing so.

Responses should be filled in online, using the electronic format provided, by the deadline of 2 November.

For more information, and to respond to the consultation, see: ... egulations

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