Ways & Means of Hitting SAP Band Targets

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Ways & Means of Hitting SAP Band Targets

Post by John » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:01 pm

With pressure on to achieve SAP Band E for properties by 2020 and Band C by 2030, you will no doubt be planning:

i) assessments of all properties to catalogue the SAP Band (EPC) with those below band 'E' moved to a priority list
ii) lists of the recommended measures for each property and the SAP improvement points each measure represents
iii) a shortlist of the minimum mix of measures required to meet band E and the expected cost of these measures
iv) an understanding of how much budget is required spread over 2015 to 2020 to fit these measures

Further to the above, you will be considering what measures have optimum/full funding now (to be tackled immediately) and which require full contribution from you now (which may attract funding in the future).

At this point, the finer points you will be focusing on should generally be around how best to balance the spend and delivery over the next 5 years while achieving best value.

For this I would recommend you CEMENT your approach to ensure you select the right partner and get best value while hitting your delivery targets:
Consult your asset manager - Stock information is key, many social housing providers suffer from FDS (fragmented data syndrome). Ensure your LA has its property build type/classification/EPC data in one place and if not set in motion plans to coordinate the accumulation of this data by appointing a central handle on all EPC surveying resources (both internal & external).
Examine the data - understand the scale of the challenge and organise properties by key archetypes that will relate to similar categories for measures/cost
Make the case - put the indicative cost per annum to achieve the 2020 target to the powers that be and gain support for proactive treatment
Engage with delivery partners - invite them to demonstrate best value by assessing both funding rates and unit costs
Nominate PILOT schemes - invite your favoured partners to deliver small batches of work for each measure consisting of property archetypes representative of your major '<E' rated stock
Tender or direct award - identify the measures attracting the best funding deals presently and quantify their volume and value. Understand the timescales of these offers! If small enough value award to your contractor of choice based on the PILOT programmes or if OJEU applicable tender for these works customising your tender based on learnings and 'nice-to-haves' identified from the PILOT programmes. Stipulate the time frame to be delivered with consideration of the limited funding windows of opportunity.

If anyone else has other suggestions / summary methods on how best to approach the SAP band challenge, please feel free to post here.

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