ALEO London regional update for ALEO National Executive meeting - July 2017

News stories related to Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Fuel Poverty. We'd very much like to here you're views on any of the stories we post here.
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ALEO London regional update for ALEO National Executive meeting - July 2017

Post by ALEO Admin » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:10 am

- provided by Martin O'Brien, Chair of ALEO London, for the ALEO Executive meeting held on 20 July 2017.

Details of any meetings held and/or forthcoming:

16th May 2017 ALEO London Spring Forum and AGM
31 attendees including from Energy UK and 4 energy suppliers to discuss ECO 2(t) Flexible Eligibility

21st July 2017 ALEO London Committee
Agenda setting for the Autumn Forum

14th September ALEO London Autumn Forum
Draft agenda includes:
- National and regional updates
- ECO Flexible Eligibility
- EPC data
- London Mayor’s Environment Strategy and Energy for Londoners
- Lessons learned from London’s fuel poverty and retrofit research
- Local updates

Details of any other events held and/or forthcoming:

No events planned.

Details of any current projects (at May2017):

RBKC / LBHF – continuing with the Healthier Homes project which gathers referrals and offers grants based on fuel poverty. In process of developing an SOI.

Enfield – we’re involved with the Agility Eco LEAP project. We’re carrying out in-house training for housing colleagues to promote the scheme. We expect referrals to be naturally generated that way. We’re also looking at GSHPs on social housing, a large scale PV scheme, and uses for our carbon offset fund.

Islington – SHINE has received 1000 referrals from 30 Boroughs over five months; we are hoping to continue the London-wide service til at least March 2018. Bunhill Phase 2 work has begun – this will expand our heat network using waste heat from the Northern Line. We are also carrying out a feasibility study into using waste heat from Regents Canal. We’re procuring high rise EWI for 3-4 blocks and looking at using our carbon offset fund for medium rise EWI. We’re also now looking at community energy and considering how we could use our carbon offset fund to support community energy schemes in the Borough.

Croydon – we have completed our pilot fuel poverty project, with 213 home visits. We’re awaiting the report so we can shape the next steps. We have a very flexible approach to section 106 money, which should enable future projects. We are also looking at able-to-pay options with Wandsworth, Sutton and Kingston.

Hounslow – we have a large social housing retrofit project under way, and we will soon be re-procuring our Better Homes, Better Health scheme. We are doing an SOI but we have lots of questions about how we pick suppliers without going through procurement.

Lambeth – we have done our HECA return, and we are considering partnering with SHINE. We have a Future Capital programme for our own stock, which makes strong links between energy efficiency and health. There is a strong community energy base in Brixton.

Kingston – we are working out what to do with our carbon offset fund. Kingston Voluntary Action are setting up a fund for fuel poverty, based on donations. Groups will be able to bid into it to do projects. We are also getting our SOI in place.

Watford – we are working with all of the Hertfordshire authorities and tendering for a county-wide scheme for this year’s ECO. We will also be tendering for a managing agent.

Haringey – we have been doing work on our referral network, and carrying out research with Durham University into the role of community organisations in supporting people through the referral process. We are looking at the private rented sector, and at how we use our carbon offset funds.

Lewisham – we are carrying out a feasibility study on further district heating around SELCHP, looking at our carbon offset fund, and working with South East London Community Energy on ECO Flex.

Any other comments, e.g. issues or barriers:

- Resources continue to be under pressure (as demonstrated by ALEO London member survey)

- Procurement and data protection seen as potential barriers to setting up new approaches to ECO flex

- Letter on ECO Flexible Eligibility from the ALEO London Chair to London council chief executives seen as helpful to encouraging engagement

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