ALEO East regional update for ALEO National Executive meeting - April 2018

News stories related to Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Fuel Poverty. We'd very much like to here you're views on any of the stories we post here.
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ALEO East regional update for ALEO National Executive meeting - April 2018

Post by ALEO Admin » Mon May 28, 2018 9:46 pm

- provided by David Walton, Chair of ALEO East, for the ALEO Executive meeting held on 19 April 2018.

Details of any meetings held and/or forthcoming:

The last ALEO East meeting was held in Bishop’s Stortford on 14th March 2018. Secretariat compiling minutes, which will be loaded onto our webpage once done.

Next meeting will be in Autumn 2018, details TBC.

Details of any current projects:

a. One update received 8.2.18 for this round:

Focussing on Fuel Poverty, we are doing several things usually within programmes that are available to everyone but which target poorer people specially.

1. Switching. We encourage switching primarily through our energy scheme in partnership with OVO – Southend Energy. Our view is that it’s a success if a householder switches regardless of whether they join Southend Energy or not so long as they review their tariffs. We know that we have engaged with 8% of the population in 2 years but we also know that others have switched to other companies especially in the last year when we were less competitive.
2. Local Energy Advice Programme. We joined LEAP in late last year and so far have around 200 referrals and so far 118 home visits. Energy savings to date are averaging £246 per home visit and Income Maximisation is averaging £597 per home visit but is actually concentrated into fewer households who get much more each.
3. We are working on a new programme to promote solar PV, storage and grid rebalancing at the domestic level which we plan to launch as soon as possible after the Local Elections. We think that most households can generate around 20% net electricity savings if contracts are constructed right just from solar and storage. If grid rebalancing is added (when) around and estimated 30% extra savings will be available.

Happy to come and share these initiatives and if anyone wants to adopt our programmes we are happy to work with them


Jeremy Martin
Energy and Sustainability Manager
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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