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Data Collection

Post by ClareRedfern » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:46 pm

Please help!

Currently I collect data from Building Control on installations for cav walls, windows, and so on, and I've started askign for renewables data too, I've started to receive ELECSA, NAPIT and NICEIC records for PV - does anyone know what Solar Thermal would come under? would it be gas safe? I know some have gone up in our area but I've never had notice of any - do they even have to provide that info under bldg regs?


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Re: Data Collection

Post by ALEO Admin » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:36 am

Hi Claire

I've had the following reply to this emailed through:
On the question of solar thermal installations I would go to Gemserv (MCS) and maybe even look at our old grant data from LCBP. If the customer used a certified installer they will have registered the installation with MCS so they may have numbers. We may also have useful data in the RHPP team, but all these installations will be MCS certified so the figures should come from Gemserv.

I hope that helps
Thanks to Daniel Greenall for that one, and to Esther Tallent, and Erica Canela, for forwarding this on to me.

Hope that's useful?

Best regards,
Rob Leeson
Carbon Action Network National Secretariat

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